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Whole Body Vibration, a new type of exercise sweeping Europe's gyms and spas, is a luxury now available to all.

The Reviber is a compact and powerful machine ideal for the home or salon and is a favourite of health and beauty practitioners.

This is the new vibe in exercise; this is the Reviber!

  • Tone legs, buttocks and arms
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Reduce Body Fat
  • Increase bone mineral density
  • Improve posture and balance
  • Increase circulation & metabolism


Dim lights

In the Sunday Telegraph's opinion, the Reviber is one of the hottest exercise machines this year. This easy, time-saving exercise requires just ten minutes a day.

The Reviber is designed as an exercise platform so that you can:

  • Stimulate areas affected by a lack of exercise
  • Enjoy all the benefits of regular exercise
  • 5 year motor guarantee and 2 years on all other parts.
  • Now comes with or without a stand.


Scientists created vibration exercise to prevent astronauts losing muscle & bone mass in space, and the technology is now so popular that platforms such as the Reviber and Reviber Plus are found in just about every gym in the country. The Reviber is used for a variety of reasons - people who are already active use the Reviber to add enjoyment & intensity to their exercises, whereas people who are inactive find the Reviber to be hugely benefical simply by standing on the platform.

Customer Testimonies:

1)  We have used the Reviber exercise machine for 8 months with excellent results.  It has been very helpful in enhancing blood circulation, improving muscular and general body flexibility.  It is most beneficial for relaxing tense or stiff muscles and seems to have a strong massage effect.  The machine is particularly useful for stress, constipation, poor balance and insomnia in our experience.  Natural Medical Centre.

2)  Really good solid machine, I was surprised how robust it is. Only had it a week so who knows but feels and and works really well.  P. Macve

3)  This is a great way to both relax and exercise - gentle massage for the back of your calves - great after each exercise routine you do.  I would definitely recommend this, (and have already), to others looking for something to fit in with the day.   F. Cumming

4)  My excellent Reviber, I have found that overall health is improved because the entire body is revitalised and it is a great advantage being able to use it in the home - its available whenever you are.  Personally I feel it is a safe, holistic, way to care for ones entire being.  One of my friends uses hers from her wheel chair, (she has been wheel chair dependent since birth), the Reviber is a source of fun as well as a health maintaining asset - plus her home help and carers use it - perks of the job!.  I am a Yoga and holistic health teacher of many years standing.  M. Fielding

5)  I have been using the Reviber every day for over a year. I  used to get chilblains in the cold weather but the Reviber has helped my circulation so much that they are gone now.  Mary Gawley.

Studies into vibration platform technology

1)  On 25th May 2009 the Irish Mail reported on a study which suggests that, used correctly, vibration plates not only help you lose weight, but will trim the harmful fat that settles around the internal organs and raises the risk of heart disease. To read the full article click here.

2)  A study on men found that "...the biological mechanism produced by vibration is similar to the effect produced by explosive power training (jumping and bouncing)." 

3)  From studies on women the researchers concluded that standing on a vibrating surface is as beneficial as going to the gym for improving leg strength and speed of movement!

4)  Click here to view a summary of a remarkable study into vibration technology that measured significant results for fat loss, bone density, strength, and balance.


Easy & Fun Workout:

The Reviber can be used in a variety of positions to concentrate the beneficial effects on different areas of the body.


You will probably want to start your exercise session by simply standing on the Reviber. Even without doing further exercises, this will stimulate the muscles in the legs, and it's also the perfect way of warming up before doing squats.
Reviber Squating
This is a great exercise to concentrate the effects in the thighs and buttocks. The illustration shows a shallow semi-squat position, but for a more pronounced affect on the legs you can try getting your hips lower into a deeper squat.


For people who find it uncomfortable standing, position the Reviber in front of your chair and place both feet on the top of the machine.
Reviber sitting Back Relaxer
Sit on the Reviber and allow your upper body to relax – this vibration should relax your back, hips, thighs, and buttocks.
Reviber For Upper body

Upper Body Exerciser
Simply kneel in front of the Reviber and place your hands on top of the machine. This exercises the whole of the upper body and you can do press-ups for further intensity.
  • Guarantee is 5 years on the motor and 2 years on parts.
  • Power consumption: 120W
  • Speed: 14 - 40Hz  (840 to 2400 vibrations per minute)
  • Maximum Load: 120kg / 19 Stone
  • Platform is 43cm across with a depth of 31cm
  • Please consult your doctor before beginning any exercise programme.
  • Weight boxed:    Without stand 11.5kgs.  With stand 14.3kgs.
  • Weight unboxed: Without stand 9kgs.      With stand 12.8kgs.

The Reviber comes in two versions, both at the same price.

OPTION ONE: With a telescopic stand - as seen in the two pictures below. In Stock - order today for next working-day delivery.

Reviber with stand Reviber with stand lowered




OPTION TWO: Without a stand (with a hand-held controller instead) this is extra-easy storage version.

Reviber with remote control



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