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Crunch Trainer with exercise mat and manual.

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Abdominal exerciser with integrated exercise mat. The trainer folds away when not in use to allow for easy storage. Over twelve exercises can be performed on this effective workout companion. The ergonomic design ensures the safest position for achieving an effective abdominal workout, while protecting the back and neck.

Why is it good for you ?

The crunch trainer aids you in doing crunches by helping you keep good form thus preventing injury to the neck and back. It also helps you isolate the abs for a better mid section work out. But do not listen to some of those ads that say it will work miracles, it will not it basically helps you perform a better crunch more easily. If you have bad form the ab trainer will make huge difference to your workout.

The trainer has a built in mat that has a cloth face and a rubbery sponge back. The mat helps cushion hard surfaces like floor tiles or wooden floors, it also prevents carpet burn and most of us know how sore that can be. As you are laid on the mat it prevents the ab trainer from sliding on slippy floors as with some other ab trainers. The mat is attached to a head rest this is made of leather look soft black plastic the filling makes is quite firm. The arms are made of tubular black painted metal with 2/3 of this is covered in sponge for comfort.

Compact deisgn

The Weider Crunch trainer is foldable and it measures 22" long 24" wide and 8" deep. This makes for easy storage and to transport it around from room to room or house to house depending where you want to train. I weights only 6kg.


Easy to learn. First lay the mat out, then on each of the arms is a spring loaded locking system you need to grip either side of the yellow ring, then pull apart until the locking pin allows you to twist the arm so it opens up. Make sure the arm locks into place. Repeat this process with the other arm. Once open it measures 36" long 26" wide and 24" deep. To close just do the reverse of opening.

Basic Crunch

Once set up you can do the basic crunch, this is the basis for all the other exercises on the ab cruncher. Lay on the mat so your neck and lower head is supported by the head rest. To start your hands should be placed at the top of the hand supports, as your abs get stronger moving your hands down will make it more difficult. With your knees bent and feet flat on the floor, your lower back should be pressed against the mat. Now the idea is not to push up with your arms but to squeeze your abs and roll up from your middle while gently pushing on the bars so the head rest stays supporting your neck and head, make sure your lower back stays pressed into the mat for the full movement. Through out the movement you should be slow and controlled to help keep good form on the way up and down. The ab cruncher keeps you in the range of movement that works the abs best.

Exercisers Different exercisers work different parts of the abs, this is all done by placing your legs in different positions. Basic crunch works the lower and upper abs. Oblique crunch works the side of the abs, by starting in the basic position but twisting your legs down one way then crunching works the obliques. L crunch works the upper abs, start basic crunch but then straighten your legs up so you make an L shape with your body and legs. Crunch with feet raised works the lower abs, same starting position then just raise your feet off the floor. These are just a few of the 12 exercises that you can do on the ab trainer.

Reps and sets

Reps are how many repetitions you do and you do so many repetitions per set. This varies depending on your fitness, the fitter you are the more you can do. Say if you can only do 10 crunches in one go for example. So you do 3 sets with 5 reps per set with a 30 second rest in between it means you are doing 15 crunches meaning your abs are getting a better work out.

Product Dimensions: 59 x 91 x 63 cm

Product weight: 6kg

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