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Compact Vinyl Kettlebells.

kettlebells are great for increasing strength, endurance, agility, balance and core conditioning. You get all the benefits of dumbbells with hundreds of new and challenging exercises options. They are a fantastic training and exercise tool for anyone who doesn’t have a lot of time for a workout and wants to get maximum results in the form of fat loss and stamina in minimum time. They work the body across a wide range of angles and increases dynamic flexibility. Total body training. Excellent for rotational, dynamic and power movements. Heavy kettlebells can be used over short lengths of time to train for strength gain, where lighter kettlebells can be used over longer sessions to train your cardiovascular system. 


2kg - Kettlebell €7.95

4kg - Kettlebell €14.95

6kg - Kettlebell €22.95

8kg - Kettlebell €29.95

10kg - Kettlebell €32.95

12kg - Kettlebell €38.95

16kg - Kettlebell €54.95

20kg - Kettlebell €59.95

24kg - Kettlebell €71.95


Delivery for each Kettlebell is €7.00



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