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Zen Physio

The Professional’s Choice

 The Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager is the 'professional's choice' and is available for use in the home or clinic.  This product is so effective that it is used, and recommended, by massage therapists and sports injury therapists.  The Zen Physio’s percussion and vibratory action can be applied as a relaxing effleurage, or set firmer for deep tissue massage. The Zen Physio’s powerful percussion action creates a firmer, deeper and more effective massage.



The Zen Physio Deep Tissue Massager

  • Relieve aches, pains and stress
  • Revive tired muscles
  • With far-infrared heat
  • Does not stop regardless of the amount of pressure applied on it, unlike some similar devices.
  • Used in professional practice
  • Speed 3400 - 6000rpm, which is ideal for deep tissue massage
  • 2 sets of interchangeable massage heads
  • 3 metre long power cable
Zen Physio

A Great Massage with Soothing Far-Infrared Heat

With far infrared, 2 speeds and 2 sets of interchangeable heads the Zen Physio can help to improve blood circulation, free spasmodic muscles, improve circulation, revive tired physiques and revitalise KI (energy).  It can be used to treat almost all areas of the body, such as the neck, shoulders, back, abdominal area, arms, legs and feet.

Customer Testimonies:

 'For 15 years we have used a G5 for our mechanical massages as well as our hands with oil as a medium for deep tissue massage.  At last we have found a product which is smaller, lighter, easier to handle and indeed better for the patients for a fraction of the price.  From a patient point of view, the Zen achieves a good deep massage without the sensation of a heavy piece of equipment moving across the body and is useful for not only sports massage, but can also be used for deep tissue relaxation therapy.  We find it most effective for use on lower limbs to break down knotty / tight / scar tissue after an injury or the rigours of sporting activities.  However, it is also beneficial when used for massaging the entire spine and shoulders.  With an additional benefit by the clever use of infra red in the head of the massager, providing additional heat during the massage.

From a therapist’s point of view, it is basically “wonderful” to achieve a good deep massage using only a fraction of the physical effort.  The Zen achieves good depth with literally its own weight and requires no additional pressure from the operator... it is incredibly easy to use.   Well done and thank you for developing this great product'.    Alan Young, (Physiotherapist), Holmfirth Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic

'This is by far my most popular and well received product, due to that "Ah, don't STOP" response!  Many of my clients love the Zen Physio Massager due to the deep tissue "release" it gives their tense and aching muscles.  In addition to relaxation, the gentle heating of the infra red lamp warms muscles and assists cellular regeneration.  The massager improves circulation, breaks down cellulite, and has proven a tremendous success in assisting sciatica and back pain.  It is even gorgeous under the feet, as a sort of reflexology tool!'   Mary-Lou Harris, Therapist

This is a great bit of kit if you have quite complex muscular needs.  This is a massager for you if you've had complex muscular problems for years (In my case it was my back). This is a massager for you if you have very deeply rooted muscle problems that affect your everyday life.  This is a massager for you if you have seen countless professionals and have got to the point where you are sick of never-ending visits to physio's and are looking for an alternative that you can try yourself at home. If you have seen professionals about your problem, you probably would have experienced similar pieces of equipment during these visits, which I think is a massive bonus because this massager is £69. The ones at the physio cost hundreds, sometimes thousands. That, in my eyes, makes it cost effective. And If similar massagers have worked for you on the clinicians bed, this may just help you in your own home. It certainly helps me. I honestly couldn't recommend it more. I think it's absolutely brilliant. My issue was with my back but I also use it on my feet and my legs. It's an investment in my eyes and has certainly saved me a few trips to the chiropractor.  A. Fletcher

Comfortable and Easy To Use

It comes with a comfortable non-slip foam handle, is mains powered and has a 3 metre long power cord ensuring you can get a great massage
whenever and wherever you wish.


Specifications (weight & dimensions are for the unit unboxed):

Weight is 1.6 kgs
Dimensions are L38cm x W13.5cm x H14.5cm.
Voltage is 240V

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