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An enjoyable and fun workout!

Reviber Plus in-ise-1
Exercising your legs, buttocks & core muscles
Simply standing on the Reviber Plus exercises the legs, buttocks, and all of the core muscles. The machine does all the work for you, right up to the highest abdominal muscles.
Reviber Plus Arm Exercise
Arm Exercise
The resistance bands are being used for arm curls to exercise the arms and all the supporting muscles in the torso. This is also an excellent cardiovascular workout when done vigorously.
Reviber Plus Band raises
Band Raises Another way to exercise the upper body, particularly the shoulders and the lateral muscles in the upper back.  The bank raises can be used for front or lateral raises.
Reviber Plus Chest Exercise
Chest Exerciser - One arm at a time, pull a resistance band across the chest toward the bicep of the relaxed arm. This is a great exercise for firming the pectoral muscles.



With the proven platform technology and the addition of the resistance bands, the Reviber Plus becomes the perfect indoor exerciser.


Price: We are the only distributor of the Reviber Plus in Ireland and we are the only company that guarnatee this product within Ireland. We purchase the Reviber Plus of a Uk company who wholesale this product internationally and are responsible for the guarantee within Ireland. Obviously, it is costly to service this machine in Ireland so they command a higher purchase price for each unit in order to finanace this aftersales service in Ireland which reflects the price difference between the Uk and Ireland. Some Irish consumers are extremely unhappy about this price difference so we have decided  to give the Irish consumer two price options.

Option 1: You can purchase the Reviber Plus for €395 which will work out more economical than option two in the long run as for this price option you will have the security of a 5 year guarantee on the motor, 2 years on parts and labour and a replacement machine which can be collected in store during any repairs. Also I offer a five week FREE trial of the Reviber Bodywave valued at €80 worth of hire to everyone who purchases the Reviber Plus*. The Reviber Bodywave can be collected in store and it will help maximise toning. The Reviber Bodywave can be used twice a day and is a super product to use in combination with the Reviber Plus and it will definately help you acheive your goal faster.


Option 2: I can match the Uk price and offer you the same aftersales service as if you purchased it off the Uk but cheaper as carriage will be a minimum of €30 + . You can purchase it for €325 but if you have any problems with this machine you will have to send it to the Uk company that are responsible for the guarantee. A return postage alone for this product can cost anywhere between €50-€80 if not more. Generally people tend to use the Reviber Plus daily so it may require a service every second year so it can work out rather costly if you have to send it to the Uk more than once.

Easy Pay: Pay €131.67 and take home your Reviber Plus today- this price plan is based on the buying the Reviber Plus for €395

Then Select A Payment Plan That Suits You*Please note that there is a €15 administration charge for each month in order to finance this service and this fee is included in the weekly prices.

Your bank account number, sort code and identification will be required to successfully complete the Easy Pay form.

Over 1 month:  €69.59 weekly  

Over 2 months: €36.67 weekly

Over 3 months €25.69 weekly

Over 4 months €20.21 weekly

Over 5 months €16.92 weekly

Over 6 months €14.72 weekly

Over 7 months €13.15 weekly

Over 8 months €11.97 weekly......



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