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In the winter of 2011/12 I experienced acute pain in my shoulder blade and left arm over several weeks, and tried all sorts of medicine and therapies. I took Codeine prescribed by the G.P., I tried several massages, a chiropractor, and an acupuncturist, who eventually advised me to go for an MRI.

All of this probably cost me the best part of 400 Euros over three weeks, and the MRI (190 euro) confirmed that I had arthritic problems in my neck specifically C4, C5 and C6, and that I had a herniated disc. My G.P. said there wasn’t much to do about it and that I would just have to learn to live with it!

All this was probably due to the fact that I played rugby as a schoolboy in a Scottish Rugby school, and my position as loose head prop meant there was a lot of regular pressure on my neck.

Luckily, my wife Colette was talking to a work colleague, and she borrowed a Reviber Bodywave from him. Initially I was sceptical that an electric box that wiggled your body would have any benefit. But I persevered, and after using it twice daily for a week or two, I noticed that the pain had abated to a manageable level, and with exercises and the Reviber treatment the pain soon disappeared completely.


That was last year. I am now 48 years old and am the proud owner of a Reviber BodyWave of my own, thanks to Michelle Talty of Easy Fitness in Ennis, and as the winter comes upon us I am using the Reviber to keep body and neck supple and pain free.

So anyone out there with similar problems, have a go and see if it works for you. It worked for me and it is now part of my daily routine. It is also really relaxing, far better than crashing on the couch!

 Christopher Eccles, Mountshannon, County Clare

I have been attending one-to-one Pilates sessions with Sinead Peak for a hamstring injury, and more recently I developed plantar fasciitis (an inflammation of the tendons of the foot). It may have been due to an old ankle injury. I also had a pelvic twist which could also be affecting it. Over the past few weeks we have been starting the session using the Reviber Bodywave. At first only my left foot was moving as the right was rigid. But after a couple of minutes it completely freed my ankle and the right foot began to move more normally. Also it seemed to realign my pelvis.

Due to the tightness in my foot and ankle, the calf muscle of the corresponding leg was incredibly tight and sore. For this we used the Reviber Original [vibration plate] to do a calf stretch exercise and it made a huge difference. After using these machines, in only 3 sessions I found the pain in both my feet and my calf muscle much improved.

I am very impressed with both machines and would definitely use them as a regular part of my warm up.

Sheila Sangster, Jazz Dance Teacher, Pineapple Dance Studios


I have been using the Reviber Bodywave for 5 months. As a sufferer of multiple sclerosis I find it supports the other hands on therapies I have extremely well. It helps to alleviate the tension and tightness in my legs. It has improved my circulation and constipation and I have found it particularly helpful in alleviating the spasm I experience in my lower limbs if I use the machine just before I go to bed. I find the machine easy to operate and look forward to half an hour of 'me time' every day as I use the machine twice a day for the maximum permitted amount of time.

Joanne Hammersley

I just wanted to let you know how fantastic the Reviber Bodywave has been - both for me and my husband, Mike - and to thank you for introducing us to it!   I have had lower back and neck problems all my life.   This was as a result of a spinal problem as a child, which was then exacerbated by numerous accidents and sporting injuries over the years.   I can honestly say that since I have been using the Reviber Bodywave I have been able to “manage” my back for the first time and lead a normal life.   I walk regularly, practice yoga and play golf, and haven’t had a chronic problem since I started using it.   It has also helped with headaches, muscle tension and general stiffness.

Mike leads a very stressful life and suffers from migraines and muscle spasm/tension.   He, too, has found relief with the Reviber Bodywave although he doesn’t use it as regularly as I do.  He finds it particularly helpful after long-haul flights and when he hasn’t had a chance to exercise much.

It really is the most amazing little machine, and I am so grateful to have finally found something that works - I have actually recently bought a second one to keep in our holiday cottage.

Pippa Hankinson

I love this machine! It cured my lethargy and stress related symptoms after only a few goes on it Also I noticed after a couple of weeks use, my weight around my middle decreased considerably, apparently the machine gets rid of water retention not to mention a lot of other benefits too. I would recommend this to anyone who has a spare 10 minutes a day to lie down and use it!

A. Nagel

I just wanted to let you know how your Reviber Bodywaves have helped our members with Multiple Sclerosis. Our physiotherapist has been using a Bodywave in her therapy sessions and several of our members have purchased one to use at home.

Our physiotherapist has noted the following experiences of using the Bodywave for people with Multiple Sclerosis: Circulation in the lower limbs has been improved, and spastic muscles have relaxed enough to enable more leg movement, therefore walking has also been improved. Energy levels have been increased, and bladder control has been improved. There has been a reduction in constipation. Other benefits we have seen include reduced pain in the hip area, greater relaxation, improved sleep, reduced digestive problems, toxin release and reduced oedema in feet.

Some of our members have not noticed any difference at all, however, the majority notice a positive difference and now use the machine at home.

The above effects were noted during a 2 month trial with members using the machine once a week in their physiotherapist session. The improvements have been maintained.

Thank you, we are thrilled with the results.

Zoe Seville-Edden, Centre Manager, Mercia MS Therapy Centre

I can't believe the difference this machine has made to me. I have a number of health problems including fibromyalgia, which causes chronic fatigue, asthma, diverticular disease, extensive osteoarthritis and hemi-plegic migraine. I also have chronic lung problems making breathing difficult. As you can imagine exercise was out of the question. I specifically searched for a passive exerciser. I wish I had found this machine 20 years ago. Within days my energy levels were raised. Now after 4 weeks I am much more supple and can walk and move better than I have ever been able to for years. My depression is much much better, obviously because now my body is being exercised and I feel more motivated. My bowel problem and breathing is much improved too. Many friends have tried my machine and are very impressed, a few are eager to buy, mainly because they can see the massive change in me.

After having 2 children the veins at the back of my left leg, above & below the knee, became varicose & prominent. At the time they gave me no pain but more recently an irritation developed in these veins. Since using your Bodywave regularly the swelling has become considerably less noticeable & the pain has gone. I now no longer have to hide away in trousers as I have the confidence to wear dresses & skirts again.
Mrs Croft, Blackpool

Thank you so much for sending me the Bodywave which arrived amazingly fast today.  You must have lots of people telling you how wonderful it is - I can't believe how many things, from dodgy backs to sinuses, it fixes.  In fact two of my friends got one for Christmas on the strength of what it was doing for me.  Now please could you develop a lightweight solar powered/windup model for camping expeditions, so that I'm never without it!

J. Hunter

I bought this machine on the advice of a fellow practitioner, it is in daily use, and the benefits are very noticeable to me and all my patients with feedback like: Higher energy levels, more relaxed, movement in spinal stiffness, neck/shoulder release, peristalsis movement, digestive benefits, the weight lifting off their mental/emotional problems.

J. Newman, Naturopathic Healthcare Practitioner

As a busy osteopath I find the Reviber Bodywave fantastic on a number of levels.  It is extremely popular not just amongst the patients but also my members of staff and indeed my family.

I find it useful in situations of both chronic, (often when many other forms of treatment haven't helped), and acute pain.  The Bodywave is also excellent in a preventative sense – regular use allows the body to better deal with the stressors and bad postures of modern living before pain has the chance to develop.

P. Brown Bsc (Ost), Osteopath

This little machine is one of the best things I have ever spent my money on. I have had it five days and been using it everyday - I love the experience of using it in itself - but in addition my skin has cleared up and I have lost 2 pounds in weight as my digestion process has speeded up and I am no longer suffering from the chronic constipation which plagues me. People have commented on my skin and I feel so happy and energised since using it.

I love my Reviber Bodywave, I used it as part of my exercise routine to get fit for skiing and I’m convinced that if people used it just two or three times a week it would help them to reshape and keep fit.         

It was recommended to me by a massage therapist and whenever I get a twinge in my back the Bodywave always puts it right. I wasn’t expecting it to help me keep in shape but I wouldn’t be without it now. Highly recommended!

Fiona, Surry

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