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Swimming Effect: Exercising with SpineX provides benefits for your spinal column identical to that of swimming.

Total Body Workout: Most fitness machines such as stair climbers, exercise bikes or treadmills work only part of your body. The breakthrough SpineX engages your whole body by working all the main muscle groups simultaneously.

Exercise Diversity: Compared to bikes and treadmills which lock you into monotone forward motion SpineX supplies greater exercise diversity by engaging your body through two modes of movement by squeezing, stretching and bending your backbone through vertical and horizontal planes. This results in great physical relief for your tired back! By varying the distance between the hand and feet striders, the user engages a wider range of muscles.

Double Advantage for Golfers and Tennis players:
SpineX strengthens your arm, shoulder, chest and core muscles – for the perfect shot.
Tennis and golf involve a swinging action that works one side of the body more than the other and constantly puts the body muscles ‘off balance’ – however with SpineX you can efficiently improve your core muscles balance.

Speedy and Effective Warming Up of your entire core muscles and joints prior to commencing any other sports activities ranging from weight lifting to golf or tennis.

No Impact on Your Joints: With SpineX you are exercising without the impact and pain on your joints as you may experience when jogging or running.

Back Care SpineX: Pilates works out your spine in 3 dimensions with a special set of equipment and exercises within 1-1.5 hours.
SpineX works out your spine in 3 dimensions through two ranges of natural movements within 5-10 min. - All in one fitness machine!  - All in one go!

Cardio Effect: SpineX provides a heart rate and calorie burn comparable to jogging.


An Individual Training Load for each user – that is user’s own weight.

Noise Free Operation: SpineX is smooth and whisper-quiet in operation, so you can watch your TV while exercising or having a child sleeping in the next room. Unlike treadmills, there is absolutely no noise to disturb your neighbours.

Minimal Maintenance: SpineX does not comprise any excessively complex features. SpineX’ simple, straightforward and functional construction makes it practically maintenance free.

Try SpineX only once and your body will remember this comfortable position and physical relief and pleasure. You will never have to compel yourself to exercise with the SpineX.
Your body itself will beg you for such position and exercisingalways when your back is tiered and feels uncomfortable.

“The SpineX has the potential to be a world-wide “standard” item of sports equipment in every gymnasium and rehabilitation centre.”
Bob Lindsey, Innovation Specialist, Business Link in London.


The SpineX is the fitness machine for strengthening and maintaining of healthy spine. It has a therapy potential,  but it is not recommended for therapeutic purposes, as each back problem is very individual. Only a licensed physician  who is familiar with your particular condition may give you such recommendation.

Clinical test revealed that SpineX brought improvement for the vast majority of participants, but not for 100% of participants.

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